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Residenza Bettina

Residenza Bettina has 4 hotel rooms. All are located on the top floor of Casa Bettina. Three rooms include a lake-facing balcony with a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding mountains. The room Alloro also has a comfortable sitting area with a lake view. An elevator leads from the lake road to the ground floor of Casa Bettina. It is then only around 40 steps to the rooms.

Breakfast (buffet) is served on our beautiful panoramic terrace on the lake and is included in the room price.

You can check in directly at Art-Hotel Posta al Lago.

Art-Hotel Ristorante Posta al Lago

Familie Bettè - CH-6613 Porto-Ronco - Via Cantonale 53

+41 91 791 26 32 - info@postalago.ch

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