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Breakfast on the lake

Art-Hotel Posta al Lago

Breakfast in the morning sun here is a memorable experience. Enjoy fresh, homemade breakfast with a large selection of dishes and drinks.

Delicious coffee (cappuccino, latte macchiato,...), a variety of breads, fresh fruits and fruit salad, homemade Bircher muesli, yogurt, homemade jams, regional cheese varieties, cold cuts (salami, ham,...), fruit juices, and much more. Special highlight on Sunday: salmon, Prosecco, and braided bread.*

*With a special order, we also offer lactose-free products as well as gluten-free bread. Please let us know in advance.

Details & prices

Our breakfast offer is available to guests in our apartments (Posta al Lago, Residenz Bettina, Rustico Serafino) as well as non-hotel guests.  We ask that you make a reservation a day in advance by telephone +41 91 791 26 32 or by e-mail at info@postalago.ch.




Impressions of breakfast

Frühstück auf der Seeterrasse ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Frühstück im Art-Hotel ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Frühstücksbuffet ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Frühstück mit Seeblick ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Frühstücksbuffet ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Frühstücksbuffet im Art-Hotel ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Köstliches Frühstücksgebäck ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Terrasse mit herrlichem Seeblick ©Hotel Posta al Lago
Schlemmerfrühstück ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Art-Hotel Ristorante Posta al Lago

Familie Bettè - CH-6613 Porto-Ronco - Via Cantonale 53

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