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Recreation & beauty

Activities around Lake Maggiore

Dolce far niente

On the lake

Unwind and relax in our apartments and vacation houses located right on Lake Maggiore. Enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and the panorama of the surrounding mountains.

Relaxing right on the lake ©Hotel Posta al Lago Relaxing in the sunbathing area on the lake ©Hotel Posta al Lago Dolce far niente on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta al Lago Dolce far niente on the lake ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Grilling enjoyment

Right on Lake Maggiore

You will find a beautiful grilling area (open to the public) nearby on the lake in Porto-Ronco. Take this opportunity to enjoy a special grilling experience with a view of Lake Maggiore.

Grilling right on the lake ©Hotel Posta al Lago Grilling right on the lake ©Hotel Posta al Lago View of the lake while grilling in Porta Ronco ©Hotel Posta al Lago Grilling fun on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Ronco sopra Ascona

The picturesque village

How about a visit to the village of Ronco? The town is reachable via a so-called “stairway to heaven”. Once you have arrived at the top, you will be rewarded by an unforgettable panorama of Lake  Maggiore. The viewing points and the winding alleys are charmingly picturesque – a true paradise.

View of the lake and Ronco sopra Ascona ©Christian Jungwirth Evening in Ronco ©Hotel Posta al Lago Ronco sopra Ascona on Lake Maggiore ©Christian Jungwirth Hiking in Ronco sopra Ascona ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Brissago Islands

Botanical garden & restaurant

Discover the botanical gardens on the Brissago Islands, which were once the place of residence of Baroness Antoinette Saint-Léger. Awaiting you is a subtropical plant world, and a special highlight for families is a treasure hunt especially for kids.   
You can reach the islands by ferry (5 minutes), or you can paddle there by canoe/kayak.

Brissago Islands - Lake Maggiore ©Christian Jungwirth Plant world in the botanical garden - Brissago Islands ©Christian Jungwirth Botanical garden - Brissago Islands ©Christian Jungwirth Spring in the botanical garden - Brissago Islands ©Christian Jungwirth Brissago Islands - former home of Antoinette Saint-Leger ©Christian Jungwirth Fascinating plant world - Brissago Islands ©Christian Jungwirth

Monte Verità

A special place

This has been a center of attraction for naturalists, philosophers, artists, and unconventional thinkers since 1900. Feel the special magic of this place and explore the Museum Casa Anatta, the unique tea plantation, the Vita Parcours, as well as the playground.

Architecture - Monte Verità ©Christian Jungwirth Monte Verità©Christian Jungwirth Spring magic - Monte Verità ©Christian Jungwirth Tea plantation - Monte Verità ©Christian Jungwirth

Boat rides

Rides on the lake

You can comfortably and conveniently reach the Italian weekly markets of Luino (Wednesday), Cannobio (Sunday), and Intra (Saturday) from Art Hotel Post al Lago by boat ride. You can also go on an excursion to the Borromean Islands.
The boat docks right outside the hotel.

Magnificent boat ride on the lake ©Christian Jungwirth Boat loading dock right outside the hotel ©Christian Jungwirth Boat excursion ©Hotel Posta al Lago Boat ride on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Water sports

Active on Lake Maggiore

Row your own stand-up paddle board to the Brissago Islands or paddle a canoe there and explore the botanical gardens (free admission). Whether alone, as a couple, or as a group, you can rent SUP boards (2), Canadian canoe (1), and kayaks (2) for free. We provide the necessary life jackets.

Water sports on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta Lago Paddle to the Brissago islands ©Hotel Posta Lago Stand-up paddling on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta Lago SUP - Fun on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta Lago SUP - Fun right outside the hotel ©Hotel Posta Lago Stand-up paddling on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Beauty Point

Relaxation & pampering

Let yourself be pampered in our Beauty Point: hair styling, manicures, and pedicures. Our professional Veronika has many years of experience and will be happy to advise you.

Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm  

Veronika - Beauty Point ©Hotel Posta al Lago


Enjoyment on the mountain on Lake Maggiore

From Ronco, you can hike to Ascona via Monte Verità. Other beautiful trails await you on the routes from Ronco to Brissago or to the local mountains of Ronco (the Alpe di Naccio and Pizzo Leone).

Evening in Ronco ©Hotel Posta al Lago Hiking in Ronco sopra Ascona ©Hotel Posta al Lago Hiking route: Ronco - Monte Verità - Ascona ©Stiftung SchweizMobil Lake Maggiore and Ronco sopra Ascona ©Christian Jungwirth Picturesque alleys in Ronco sopra Ascona © Christian Jungwirth

Biking with a lake view

Cycling fun around Porto Ronco

Take a leisurely ride along Lake Maggiore with our retro city bikes*. You can go on a tour for example to Ascona, Locarno, or Brissago. There are also parking spots for your e-bikes incl. charging stations. We will be happy to provide you with tips for the best bike routes.

* Helmets are available

Explore the region on city bike ©Volkan Ugur (Pixabay) Biking fun ©Alesia Kazantceva (Unsplash)


Around Lake Maggiore

Immerse yourself in the “Maldives of Switzerland” in the Verzasca Valley and marvel at the arched bridge "Ponte dei Salti". The Maggia Valley is just as magical with its picturesque villages in Ticino. Exceptional and quiet landscapes await you in the Onsernone Valley with rustic buildings. Or you can explore the Bavona Valley on a hike.

Verzasca Valley - Ponte dei Salti

Crodolo Palm & Beach

"Beach" on Lake Maggiore

A beautiful swimming spot with sunbathing area for refreshingly fun experiences. Enjoy a tasty aperitif or delicious meal on the Porto Ronco beach. Music and a pleasant atmosphere will make your experience a truly enjoyable one.

Water fun on Lake Maggiore ©Hotel Posta al Lago

Taxi boat

Convenient & uncomplicated

Would you like to go on a spontaneous trip from one town to another? Take advantage of the offers from the Ascona taxi boats. For example, you can travel to Locarno or the Brissago Islands. You can start your excursion conveniently from the boat loading dock in Porto Ronco.

Boat loading dock in Porto Ronco ©Christian Jungwurth


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